Class Rules

1. Students must be seated and ready to work when the late bell rings. There will be no running into the room as the bell is ringing. We will be following the Wicomico County lateness policy, so make the right choices each day.

2. All assignments are expected to be completed and turned in on the day they are due. Late work will not receive a grade.

3. Students are not allowed to chew gum (of any kind), eat food, or have drinks other than plain water in a clear bottle in the classroom.

4. You will be marked late if you are not in class on time.

5. We will be following the Wicomico County and Mardela Middle and High School policies for acceptable technology use.

6. Students will be expected to be in class during the entire period. Any requests to be excused must be approved PRIOR to the absence. Students will follow the Wicomico County Board of Education policy to complete any work due to an excused absence.